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  • How to accept your orders from the seller panel?

    First, You will receive email notification of your orders.

    From your order listing, click the 3 dots on your right corner. Action -> View.

    You will be redirected to the customer order page. On the below - you will have an option to "ACCEPT" or "REJECT".

    *Please note: The fulfillment option is only for the admin side.


    You can follow the same instructions below:

  • What I cannot sell on 2071Mall

    2071Mall offered a large variety of great products and must comply with all laws and regulations.

    The sale of illegal or unsafe products that violate consumer laws is strictly prohibited.

    As we operate the marketplace and sell a wide of products, we want to assure our consumers/buyers.

    You can sell any product as you wish; however, certain categories require you to obtain pre-approval before listing those categories.

    UAE Consumer laws control the quality and safety of goods and services. In some cases, goods cannot be supplied to anyone below a certain age. These laws exist to safeguard the health of young people. We need to be aware of the legal age at which different rights or responsibilities apply.

    Any product images showing nudity/showing of the skin must be covered or blurred - in such instances, the listing will remain pending or led to rejections.

    Below is the list of prohibited items by the law, which cannot sell on 2071Mall:

    18+ Adult Item

    Controlled/recreational drugs and narcotic substances

    Pirated content

    Counterfeit currency or Forged or duplicate currency

    Items used in black magic, witchcraft or sorcery

    Publications and artwork that contradict or challenge Islamic teachings and values

    Exotic, protected and endangered animals and vicious dog breeds (PDF, 416 KB)

    Gambling tools and machines.

    Pets and domestic animals

    Restricted Medicines and drugs


    Publications including artwork (whether physical or electronic) that contradict Islamic values are banned

    Weapons, ammunition, body protection, and related equipment (like cleaning kits, gun belts, etc.)

    Equipment like satellite phones, listening or recording devices, radio transmitters, powerful cameras, or binoculars may require a Telecommunications Regulatory Authority license for use in the UAE.

    Tobacco, Cigarettes, and alcohol


    Firearms, bullets, weapons, and knives (except for kitchenware)

    Restricted and controlled medicines and drugs or prescription drugs

    IDs and Licenses

    Home-made food

    Human body parts or products except for hair from a human for wig and extension based products